About Matilda Jo

“If you can IMAGINE it, you can ACHIEVE it; if you can DREAM it, you can BECOME it.”
~ William Arthur Ward

TillieAvatarMatilda Jo, aka “Tillie,” strives to be true to herself and her big dreams, while at the same time serving as a positive role model for young girls.

Whether it be through imagining herself in all kinds of careers, designing and constructing her own unique dream house, exploring new hobbies & activities, building her wardrobe, or creating something new by reusing or upcycling found treasures, Matilda hopes to empower her friends to do the same.



Among her many activities, Tillie enjoys:
• Learning & sharing how to make doll clothes and accessories for American Girl™ and other 18-inch dolls, including easy sewing projects for crafters of all ages.
• Documenting the process of how to make a dollhouse and decorate it as her dreamhouse.
• Blogging about how to make doll furniture.
• Searching for and recycling or upcycling found objects in her doll crafts.
• Exploring all kinds of careers, including non-traditional roles and pursuits of interest to young entrepreneurs.
• Connecting with other American Girl doll owners and enthusiasts.

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