Show & Tell: Fur-Ever Friends (April 2016)

Show & Tell 18-Inch Doll Monthly Photo Contest with Prizes!


Theme: Snap a photo of your doll with her favorite fur-ever friend, then SHOW us your photo! All critters welcome. Creativity and props encouraged.

After uploading your photo, we’d love you to TELL us more about it in the comments below! (Be sure to let us know which photo you’re talking about.)

Prize: $25 Gift Card for Pixie Faire*

And the winner is ...

1 Congrats!
Animal Rescue & Rehab []
2 Congrats!
Horsin' Around []
3 Congrats!
A Trip to the Vet []
Animal Rescue & Rehab
Ivy And Her Service Dog
A Trip to the Vet
Tending the Corn with my BFF
Enjoying a warm summer day
Baby Garnet goes for a walk
some of my best freinds
Horsin' Around


*Contest sponsored solely by Matilda Jo Originals™


  1. The vest was made with Carousal pattern. Jeans made with LJ Skinny Jeans Pattern, LJ t-shirt with variations and LJ Janes shoes pattern. I made vest with upcycled leather patchwork purse, pants from crop pants using hem and decorative pockets. Belt was a necklace.

  2. some of my best friends- – the stable was made by my husband for our 7 yr olds birthday. the dresses that the girls are wearing were sewn by me two of the dresses are AG simplicity so172 other one was also simplicity.

  3. In Ivy and her Service Dog, Ivy is wearing a fleece jacket and leggings that
    I sewed from patterns in Joan Hinds’ Doll Fashion Studio book.

  4. The Vet is wearing scrubs made from a paw print and dog bone fabric. The scrubs were sewn using a discomtinued Vogue pattern. I fashioned the dog’s cone from lightweight plastic sold for making quilt piece templates. Clear Velcro Makes it easily removable once the pup is all healed.

  5. baby Garnet goes for a walk- Alyssa is a custom mag #27 with a Caroline wig. The back ground is from Samantha’s retired scene set. Garnet is Caroline’s retired calf. But is now owned by Alyssa, who is now best friends with Garnet, her new calf. Alyssa decided to take Garnet out for a nice spring day walk by the water, looking for new flowers blooming and any new bugs , or butterflies out and about, also enjoying the beautiful spring day. Happy Spring Everyone.

  6. I made the short-alls using Pixie Faires pattern from the summer camp collection. I also made the bucket hat. I have been working with my sister-in-law making outfits for dolls she purchased. We donate our “baskets” to local animal shelters and rescues. This outfit is part of a basket for a local wildlife rescue. Every life is important!! Next basket …. animal shelter in WI.

  7. I am so excited to have won!! Looking forward to getting the email from you. I have my wish list ready 🙂

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